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Pedestrian behavior prediction is one of the most critical challenges for fully automated driving in urban settings, as it requires autonomous vehicles to interact safely and efficiently with pedestrians in diverse and dynamic environments. Accurate and robust pedestrian behavior prediction is crucial to ensure the safety of both pedestrians and the autonomous vehicles.

Competition Tasks


[Preparing Date]: until 23:59 GMT, August 30, 2023
[Final Competition Date]: 00:00 - 23:59 UTC, August 30, 2023
[Workshop Time] September 24 - 28, 2023, Bilbao, Spain [Link]


We welcome competitors from all round the world. The leading attendee must be a student, graduate student or undergraduate student. Each team can join more than one track. Please check more details in the below website.


Please first register through Google Form using your university email [Click Here!], then participate the competition on CodaLab: [Track 1] [Track 2] [Track 3]
For more information, please visit the competition webpage: [Click Here!]
All PSI data and annotations are public for further exploration! [Dataset Homepage]

Question and Answering:

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The winners are required to attend our ITSC Workshop remotely or in person.


IEEE Intelligent Transportation Systems Society, Technical Committee on Human-Centered AI in Transportation (HAIT)